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Software Engineer

Fort Meade, MD, USA

0-4+ years of experience

Must be eligible to acquire a TS/SI clearance


  • A Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Computer Engineering, or other related fields

  • Can be substituted for years of experience

Experience and Skills

  • Programming Languages

  • Java, Python, Ruby, C/C++, Javascript, etc.

  • Created, maintained, or utilized software testing infrastructure and deployment tools

  • CI/CD, Unit, regression, etc.

  • Familiar with libraries and frameworks that help perform software testing

  • Developed in different environments

  •  Architectures, platforms, or operating systems

  • Used team collaboration tools

  • Atlassian Suite - Jira, Confluence, etc.

  • Developed in a structured methodology

  • I.e. Agile or something similar

  • Cloud technologies

  • AWS, Azure, Google Cloud

  • Terraform, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, etc.

  • Familiar with containerization and/or virtualization

  • Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, etc.

  • Version Control

  • Git, Subversion, etc.

  • Databases

  • PostgreSQL, Oracle, MongoDB, etc.

  • Familiarity with query languages (i.e SQL)

  • Familiarity with compilers and build systems

  • clang, gcc, jvm, maven etc.

  • Debugging tools and techniques

  • GDB

  • Selection, evaluation, and/or integration of COTS/GOTS tools

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